Our approach


The birth of a newborn – much like the beginning of the lunar cycle – marks the beginning of new life. With new life, comes new, gentle skin.


New Moon Skin Care was founded to help new parents nourish that skin.


Newborn skin is sensitive and deserves the greatest amount of care. So, each ingredient we use is carefully selected and vetted with your child’s safety in mind. In fact, all of our products are formulated with organic, clean ingredients that won’t irritate the skin.


And like the full moon, our infant skin care bundles are complete. In other words, we have everything you need to nourish the softest skin on earth. Our coconut oil-based products represent each step of the skincare routine. Clean, hydrate, and moisturize with New Moon Skin Care to ensure blemish-free, soft skin for your newborn.


As newborns adjust to life outside the womb, it’s important to care for their delicate skin using not only clean ingredients but also rituals. These rituals can help you form a bond with your baby while you keep your little one's skin healthy. Because we care about your baby’s skin, we want to share our magical massage ritual with you! Read more about it here.


We’re here for you, with products that make your life easier. No more searching. No more skin care products with harmful ingredients. From now on, you will celebrate new beginnings brought on by the new moon with our gentle, effective skincare routines and rituals.


Thank you for choosing New Moon Skin Care.