Eczema problems?

While there is no known cure for eczema, this condition can be treated so your little one can experience relief. Eczema treatments usually target four common problems: dryness, itching, irritated skin and infection. The best ingredient to treat eczema is coconut oil, which keeps the skin hydrated and healthy and can also help to remove dead skin cells.

What is Eczema?

This inflammatory skin disease presents in rashes that are red, dry, and scaly and often itch your little one. 

Recommended Routine


Moisturise your little one's full body twice daily with our Gentle Moments Body Massage Cream. Then lock in the moisture with our Soothe N' Smile Oil Balm

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2x Week

Bathe using our gentle Giggles N' Bubbles Shampoo + Body Wash. Our pediatrician recommend limiting baths to twice a week when possible to prevent eczematic skin. 

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Occasionally apply our Soothe N' Smile Oil Balm to the affected areas

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